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Estate and Family records
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Deeds relating to the establishment of Hollytrees in Colchester
Scope and Content:
(i) John Shaw, late of Colchester, now of St.Andrew,Holborn (eldest son and heir of John S. late of Colchester and then of St.Andrew, Holborn, deceased.), gentleman, Anne Shaw (only daughter of John S., senior and wife Anne), spinster, and Jane Shaw (widow of John s., senior); to (ii) Robert Coleman [as in T28/5]; (iii) John Freeman [as in T28/5]

Shrubbs Farm with lands called Luckins alias Shaws (cont.70a.) in occupation of Philip Blackman in Lexden, St.Mary at the Walls, Holy Trinity, St.Runwald, Colchester; farm and lands (134a.) formerly in occupation of [blank] Toller, then of Sam.Roote and now of Rose Roote,widow, wood (13a.) formerly in occupation of Sir John S. (grandfather to John S.),both in Alresford; farm and lands called Vaulty alias Falty, Ravens Croft, Ravens Marshes, Pipers and Pipers Marsh (190a.) formerly in occupation of [blank] Hutchinson and of Thomas Atwood and now of William Nethercoate, Wash Farm and lands (202a.) formerly in occupation of [blank] Francis, of Thomas Browne, and of Augustine Wayland, and now of Adam Robjent and William Nethercote, all in Goldhanger, and Great and Little Totham; messuage and land (16a.) called Toles and Hurbert Crofts formerly in occupation of [blank] Dedman, now of [blank] Saunders in Great Totham; 2 woods called Fowles Wood and Nether Wood (80a.) in Stanway, Copford and Fordham; freehold messuage and land (12a.) formerly in occupation of [blank] Harris and now of Edward Digby in West Mersea and Peldon; property in Colchester [as in 28/4] but mansion house now in occupation of William Aldred; messuage called Layer House formerly in occupation of Phillip Richmond, parcel of land where a messuage called Bunts lately stood (containing together 180a.) and Peldon Heath, all in occupation of John Ballee, junior in Peldon and Abberton property in Suffolk [as in T28/4] but now in occupation of [blank] wint, widow of Roger Wint [sic]; property in Suffolk [as in T28/3] but now in occupation of [blank] Moore, widow.

Recites, 18 August 1706, Will of John S.senior.

Property to son John S. after decease of Jane S.; £2,000 to daughter Anne; £200 to Thomas (son of John S.senior who died in lifetime of the testator)

Recites, 24 Nov.1707, mortgages, T28/4 (marriage settlement)
Property in West Mersea and Peldon, Colchester, moiety of property in Peldon and Abberton, Suffolk [as in T28/4] to use of Jane Shaw during her life and then to Richard Backwell and Allen Banckes in trust for 500 years. Shrubs Farm, property in Alresford, Goldhanger, Great and Little Totham to use of Mary Williams for 1,500 and 1,000 years. Other moiety of property in Peldon and Abberton, property in Great Totham, Stanway, Copford and Fordham, Suffolk [as in T28/3] to Anne S.for ever in trust for payment of all mortgages including mortgage for £500 Joseph junior and Anne S. to Nicholas Freeman of Dedham, clothier, for raising of £2,000 given to Anne S. by will of John S.senior; remainder to John S.junior
Dates of Creation:
10 June 1709 [copy, 14 December 1716]