Will of Jane Shaw of St.Andrew, Holborn (county Middlesex), widow
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Estate and Family records
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Deeds relating to the establishment of Hollytrees in Colchester
Scope and Content:
[Proved: 11 Aug.1716] Devises to Allen Banks (nephew to Jane S.) and, after his death, to Jane Banks (daughter of Allen B.and goddaughter of Jane S.)

Messuage in occ.of Geo.Mussells, merchant, in Ayloffe Street, Goodmans Fields (co.Middx.)

Devises to John Turner (kinsman and exec.to Jane S.) in trust for sale

Lands and tenements in Essex and Suffolk, recently purchased by Jane S.; copyhold lands and tenements in Essex and Suffolk; messuage (where Jane S. then lives) in Devonshire St., St.Andrew, Holborn (co.Middx)

Bequeaths to Jane Newman (kinsman to Jane S.) and after her death,to John Turner (brother of Jane N.)

2 pews in St.George's Chapel in St.Andrew, Holborn

Bequeaths to Jane Turner (dau.of Tho.Turner,kinsman to Jane S.)and to Jane (dau.of Sarah, the daughter of John.Alden, brother to Jane S., lately decd.)

£100 each out of the estate, to be paid to each upon reaching the age of 21 or upon marriage; the interest to be paid to them until then.

Devises to Mary Stockwell (kinswoman to Jane S.) and after her death to Edm.and Jas.Stockwell (brothers to Mary S.)
Annuity of £10
Bequeaths £10 each to the 2 sons of Eliz.Curtis (cousin to Jane S.) £10 each to [blank] (dau. of `Cousin Laughton' by her 2nd husband) and Barnaby Backwell (godson to Jane S.), 5 to Mary Stockwell. £20 to Jerem.Daniel (cousin to Jane S.) of Colchester, linendraper

Minor bequests to niece Alice (w.of Allen Banks) and to jane Banks.
Dates of Creation:
5 April 1716 [copy, 24 January 1716]