Microfilm of 'A collection of manuscripts relating to the several parishes comprising the Hundred of Rochford ...', September 1875
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Transcripts etc. relating to the Southend area
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Full title: 'A collection of manuscripts relating to the several parishes comprising the Hundred of Rochford in the County of Essex from documents in the Public Record Office and British Museum, London, etc'

pp 1-22 Calender of Inquisitions post mortem of persons holding land in Rochford Hundred, 31 Henry III to 48 Edward III
pp.23-27 Extracts from Valor Ecclesiasticus, 1535, parishes in Rochford Hundred
pp.29-36 pp.29-36 Extracts from 'catalogue' of enrolments in records of Exchequer of Pleas, 24, 25 Edward I to 1798
pp.37-52 Certificate, 28 May 1570, by Vincent and Arthur Harris of sums expended on equipment for soldiers in Rochford Hundred since 'the first muster in April 1569', transcript of State Papers Domestic, Elizabeth, volume 70, no.2
pp.53-4 Extracts from vol.2 of Camden's Brittania
pp.55-6 Enumeration and parish register abstracts from 1811 Census return
pp.57-8a Extracts from 'Calendarium Genealogicum, vol.1, Henry 3 to Edw.1st'
pp.55-106 Extracts from a schedule of deeds of the estates of the Richard family, Earls of Warwick (B.M. Harleian MS. 3959)
pp.107-108a 'The Taske Booke for the yere 1625 of the whole fifteenth and tenth granted by the Temporalty in Parliament, 1621' with list of sums chargeable of parishes of Rochford Hundred, and brief note of Rochford Hundred manors held of Duchy of Lancaster, both extracted from the Jeckyll collection of MSS (B.M. Harleian MS. 5190)
pp.108b - c List of parishes and districts in Rochford Poor Law Union, with names of guardians for 1866-7 and names, dates of appointment and salaries of Union officers
p.109 Extract from Dugdale's Monasticon relating to estates of Prittlewell Priory
pp.111-123 Summary extracts of proceedings in Chancery, temp. Elizabeth 1, property in Rochford Hundred
pp.125-131 Extracts from The Times relating to sale of Hadleigh Hall in Hadleigh (9 June 1820), Leigh Heath Farm, Leigh (10 June 1820), Plumborough Manor Farm, Hockley (13 June 1820), Burnt Oak Farm in Leigh and Prittlewell (16 June 1820), The Lawn, Southchurch, formerly residence of Princess of Wales (20 August 1821), 14, The Terrace, Southend (22 Aug.1821) farm (100a.) on Canvey Island (11 June 1821) 163a. near Southend, in Barling, Gt and Lt. Wakering, consisting of several small farms (22 May 1800)
Hotel, Assembly Room and houses at Southend, by order of Commission of Bankruptcy against Thomas Holland (11 June 1800), Hadleigh Hall in Hadleigh and White House in Benfleet (11 June 1800)
pp.132a-ff. Extracts from Close Rolls, temp. Richard II
pp.133-9 Certificate of Colleges and Chantries, 1548, for Prittlewell, Rayleigh, Hockley, Canewdon, Paglesham, Rochford, N. and S. Shoebury, and Barling, Enfield (co. Middx; charge on lands in Hadleigh and Thundersley) and Rayleigh
p. 141 Certificate of members of innholders, taverns and tiplers in hundreds of Chelmsford, Rochford, Dengie, Barstable and Chafford and town of Maldon, 6 December 1577; from State Papers
p. 143 Undated petition for benefit from forfeited lands of the murderer of a girl in Rochford Hundred; from State Papers Domestic, Chas.I, vol. 377, no.138
p.145-6 Earl of Warwick's certificate of defaulters at Essex musters, July 1629; from S.P.D. [Summary only in printed Calendar]
p. 147 Petition of Bailiffs of Colchester to Privy Council complaining at excessive rating of town for ship money, 1635; from S.P.D. Chas.I, vol. 282, no. 51
p.149 Grant of Arms to Robert Chester, captain of the Rochford Hundred trained band, 1639; from S.P.D Charles I, vol. 413, number 128
pp. 151-2 Extracts from 'The King's Book of Payments' relating to deer in Rayleigh Park (1520), use of timber from Thundersley in building the ship 'Katherine Pleasance' for Henry VIII's journey to Calais (1518) grant of manor of Sutton (1522), grant of Barnmarsh [? Barnfleet] marsh in N. Shoebury] (1523)
p. 153 Return of names of 4 defaulters in provision of horse for king's service; from S.P.D. Add. Jas.I, vol.42, p.39
p.155 Memorandum of names of gentlemen who 'dwell and have good living in hundreds of Rochford and Dengie, c. 1576, apparently in connection with musters; from S.P.D. Eliz., vol 110, no. 52
p. 157 Extracts from particulars of sale of college and chantry lands, Henry VIII and Edward VI, relating to N. and S. Shoebury, Barling, Hockley, Canewdon and Paglesham; from Exchequer Miscellaneous Books [P.R.O., E315], no.67
p.159 Extracts from B.M. Add.MSS. 5836 and 5937 abstracting deeds of 1571-2 and 1376-7 relating to land in Rochford
pp. 161-2 Extracts from Royalist Composition papers, 1647-8, relating to Robert, Lord Richard [Complete transoripts of originals from P.R.O. S.P. 23 G204]
pp. 165-8 Extracts from Archdeaconry and Consistory Court records relating to to S. Benfleet, Ashingdon, Eastwood, Shopland, S. Fambridge, Sutton and Thundersley, 1584-1623 (from Hale's Precedents, 1841)
p. 169 Entries for Arthur Tawke and Algernon Holt, both of Rochford, from Walford's County Families (1869)
pp.171-204 Extracts from Recovery Rolls [P.R.P. C.P. 43], 1651-1833, relating to property in Rochford Hundred
pp. 204 a-d Entries for S. Benfleet, Rayleigh, Rawreth, Hockley, [N & S.] Fambridge, Hawkwell, Ashingdon, Canewden, Paglesham, Great and Lt. Stambridge, Rochford, Sutton, Shopland, Barling, Great and Lt. Wakering, [N. and S.] Shoebury, Southchurch, Prittlewell, 'Middleton', Milton Hamlet, Prittlewell, Leigh, Hadleigh, Eastwood and Thundersley in Lay Subsidy Rolls [presumably for 1340-2, apparently taken form printed version in Nonarum Inquisitiones (1807) and original in P.R.O.E. 179]
p. 205 Essex, Kent, Surrey and Cinque Ports entries from abstracts by counties of available trained and untrained footmen, and horsemen, lances, lighthorse, carabines and petronels, 1577, from P.R.O., S.P.D.Eliz. vol 119, nos 24 and 25 [figures not including in printed Calender]
p. 206 Notes of grants of arms, to Mr John Cooke of Lt. Stambridge (1588), Edward Rowe of Stambourne Hall (1598) and John Cocke of Prittlewell (1587), from B.M. Harl. MS.1507
pp.207-9 Copies of Feet of Fines (1658, 1661, 1666) relating to Property in Rochford, Canewdon, Paglesham, Rawreth, Wickford, Great and Lt. Stambridge, Ashingdon, Rayleigh, Hockley, Hawkwell and S. Fambridge
pp.211-17 Rental of crown lands in Rochford Hundred, extracted from S.P.D. Eliz., vol.243, no.30
p. 218a. Notes on pedigree of Doreward and Yngoe families from Essex Archaeological Society Transactions, old series vol. III, p.103
pp.219-266 Rochford Hundred entries from P.R.O. chronological index to Feet of Fines, 7 Richard I to 5 Eliz.I
Incl. (p.233 transcript of Fine, 1305, relating to Porters in Prittlewell
pp. 267-9 Rochford Hundred entries from 2 lay subsidy rolls, temp. Henry III and Edward I
pp. 271-2 Copy of Assessment (headed by Noble "15ths and 10ths") for parishes in Rochford Hundred temp. Hen IV or 1 Henry V apparently taken from P.R.O. Exchequer Miscellaneous Books [E. 164], vol. 7
pp. 273-8a [And unpaginated leaves following] Chronological list of Feer of Fines relating to property in Rochford Hundred, temp. Richard III to 45 Elis. I [Similar in form to pp. 219-266 above]
pp. 279-280 Notes of two fines, both 1655, relating to property in Southchurch N. Benfleet, Prittlewell and Canvey Island, from originals in P.R.O.
pp. 281-2 Transcript of Rochford Hundred entries in Book of Aids from P.R.O. Excheaquer Miscellaneous Books [E. 164], vol.3
pp.282a, b Abstract of value of lands belonging to Prittlewell priory, from survey of Colleges, Guilds, Chantries, etc. temp. Edw.VI (1548), from B.M. Harleian MS.605
pp.283-4 Transcript of letter concerning "order to be taken for grain" in Essex, 1586, from P.R.O., S.P.D. Eliz., vol.189 no.5
pp.284a,b Rochford and Barstable Hundred entries from return of those liable to provide horses for Queen's Service, 1580; from P.R.O., S.P.D. Eliz., vol.142 no.38 [recte 39]. [Printed Calendar including summary only]
p. 285 Notes of Grants in fee relating to property in N. Shoebury, Wakering and Hockley, temp. James I, from "Palmers Indexes vol. 16"
pp. 287-8 Extracts from Walford's County Families (1869) relating to Noble, Nicholson of Hadleigh, Welch of co. Glos. and N. Shoebury and Southchurch, Scratton of Prittlewell Priory, and Tabor of Earls Hall [Prittlewell] and Rochford
p. 289 Entries from Walford's County Families (1874) and Burke's Landed Gentry for Arthur Tawke of Rochford and jas. Tabor of Rochford Hall
pp.291-2 Extracts from Close Rolls for 22-24 Charles II relating to property in Rochford Hundred
pp.293-4 Extracts from Journal of British Archaeological Association relating to Roman urns found at Foulness, the Staple brass at Shopland, silver seal found at Ashingdon and testoon found at Rochford
pp.295-8 Extracts from Gentleman's Magazine, 17881810, including report of thunderstorm at Braintree and Bocking (1788), description of boundary mark of manor of Southchurch bearing date 1757 (1793), and report of new organ in Rayleigh church (1801)
pp.299-302 Extracts from Chelmsford Chronicle 1853-4 relating to enclosure of Hadleigh Common, public health in Rochford and Rayleigh, sales of property at Barling (Bolts Farm), Lt.Wakering, Hockley (Plumborough Mount Farm), Rayleigh, Hutton (Hutton Place), Thundersley (Sayers Farm), Great Stambridge (Stewards) and Foulness (Small Ports Farm), and with notes of issues containing reports on Eastwood Church and enclosure of Rawreth Shot

pp.303-11 Extracts [from P.R.O. Patent Rolls] relating to following: parsonage of Thundersley (1546), Barn Marsh in Canewdon [n.d. ? also 1546], advowsons of Thundersley, Rivenhall, Chingford and Sandon (1553-4), manors of Garnetts [in High Easter], Long Barnes [in Beauchamp Roothing], and S. Fambridge, Poole Marsh Farm in Great Stambridge and Frayes in Beauchamp Roding (1554), marshland in Lt. Wakering (1554), lands in Wakering (1555), manor of Hockley (1557), advowsons of Canewdon, Hockley [N.] Shoebury,Eastwood and Shopland (1558), marshalnd in S. Shoebury (1558),Pools Marsh Farm [Gt Stambridge] (1558), rectory of N. Shoebury (1606), rectory of Hockley (1606)
pp. 313-23 Extracts from Certificates of Colleges and Chantries [P.R.O., E301; returns of Commissioners appointed 1547] relating to Prittlewell, Rayleigh Hockley, Canewdon, Rochford, N. and S. Shoebury, Barling Burnham and Paglesham
pp.324a-f Extracts from Close Rolls, temp. Hen.I to 1522, relating to property and offices in Rochford Hundred (e.g. Bailiff of Hundred)
pp.325-6 Transcript of examination of John Frank, 1594, relating to property (incl. Mucking Hall) of Tho, Wiseman, "a Jesuyt at Rome"; from S.P.D. Eliz., vol.248 number 103
p.326 Extracts from Plea and Close Rolls, 1563-4 and 1576, relating to Barling
p.327 Transcript of petition of Sir Thomas Sandys for rents out of derelict lands in Canvey, 1664; from P.R.O., S.P.D. Chas. II, vol. 96 number 118
pp.328 a,b Extracts from Inquisition Post Mortem on Sir John Gifford of Bures (incl. Castle-wick marsh in Hadleigh and lands in Wickford), 1347, ministers accounts of "the Priory of New Hospital without Bishopsgate" relating to manor of Burses in Thundersley (with translation), 1540-1, and Letters Patent (translation), relating to marshland in Canvey, 1562-3; from [copies in] B.M. Add. MS. 24799
pp. 329-30 Transcript of letter from Harwich, 1667, reporting activities of Dutch fleet there and at Canvey Island and St. Osyth; from P.R.P., S.P.D. Chas.II, vol. 204 number 49
pp. 331-2 Transcript of letter from Chatham (co. Kent), 1667, reporting taking of"Royal Charles" by Dutch fleet and their landing on Canvey Island; from S.P.D Charles II, vol. 205, no.74
pp.333-4 Extracts from Gough's British Topography and Camden's Brittania relating to Canvey Island
p.334 Extract from P.R.O. Close Rolls, 1699, relating to manor of Bushes in Thundersley and lands in Foulness, S. Shoebury, Rayleigh and Pitsea
p.335 Transcript of Letter from Henry Appulton from S. Benfleet 1574, to Walsingham informing him that Davy Jones has been apprehended and enclosing 2 letters written by Jones; from P.R.O. S.P.D. Eliz., vol.97, no.34 [printed Calender gives summary only]
pp.337-350 Transcripts of composition papers, 1645-53, relating to delinquency of Henry Appleton of S. Benfleet incl. his petition to committee for Compounding,evidences of tenants and detailed list of property (in co. Kent, S. Benfleet and Canvey Island); from P.R.O. Royalist Composition Papers [printed Calendar gives summary only]
p.346 Note recommending Capt. Henry Appleton as captain of a ship to be built at Woolwich, 1650; from P.R.O. S.P.D. 1650, vol.1 p.68
pp.350 a,b Transcript of Chancery bill relating to property in Great Benfleet and to manor of Boyes [Bois Hall], Halstead, 1578/9, from P.R.O. Chancery Proceedings
p. 350d Copy of entry in P.R.O. Close Rolls, 1561,relating to property including wharf adjoining Langwell Marsh, in S.Benfleet
p.350a Transcript of part of rental of possessions of Westminster Abbey, 1538-9, relating to property in N. and S. Benfleet
p.350 aa [? taken from P.R.O. Miscellaneous Books (L.R.2)]
Notes of bills and answers from P.R.O. Chancery proceedings, temp. James I and chas I relating to Appleton family [of S.Benfleet] and to property in Orsett, Stanford-le-hope and Bulphan
pp. 351-2 Transcripts of composition papers, 1649 relating to delinquency of Dame Anne Herris of Writtle (in aiding royalist force, 1648) and Jas., Earl of Northampton (whose estate including Rectory of Eastwood); from P.R.O. Royalist Composition Papers [Printed Calendar gives summary only]
pp.353-4 Transcript and notes of composition papers, 1650, relating to estates of Sir William Campion in Canewdon (manor of Lambourne Hall), Burnham and Hockley; from P.R.O. Royalist Composition Papers
p.354a Transcript of memorandum relating to wardship of manors of East and West Donyland, Acresfleete Marsh in Canewdon and the "White Hart" in Stanway, 1573;
p.354b Note of Fine relating to property in Canewdon, 1568
p.354c Notes from files in Chancery, 1625, against Joos Croppenburgh and Cornelius Vermewden for recovery of loans used to finance draining work in Essex [Canvey Island]; from P.R.O. Chancery Proceedings
p.355 Certificate of admission of John Smith as curate at Canewdon, 1664; from P.R.O., S.P.D. Chas.II, vol.103, no.84
p. 356 a. Exchequer Order confirming lease of impropriation of parsonage of Canewdon to Vicar, Sir John Houseman, 1572; from P.R.O., Queen's Remembrancer entry books of decrees and orders [E. 123]
p. 356 b Transcript of Abstract of post - fine relating to manor of Apton Hall in Canewdon and including land in adjg parishes 1786;from P.R.O. King's Silver Books [Series II]
p. 356 bb Transcript of P.R.O. Close Roll entry relating to Conveyance of manor of Acresfleet in Canewdon, Burnham and Paglesham, 1555
pp. 357-361 Transcript of composition papers 1651, relating to delinquency of Sir William Campion of Combwell (co. Kent),compounding for Castle Marsh and manor of Lambourne Hall in Canewdon; from P.R.O. Royalist Composition Papers [printed Calendar gives summary only]
p. 362 Inquistion relating to messuage and 4a. in Canewdon belonging to fraternity of St. Margaret in Canewdon church, 1569 from P.R.O. Exchequer Memoranda Rolls (L.T.R.)
p.362a Extract from P.R.O. Minsters Accounts, 1535-6, relating to property of Prittlewell Priory in Canewdon
p. 363-4 Extract from Particulars fro Grants, 1544, relating to marsh called Barnmarsh in Canewdon
p. 364 a Extract from Cartae Antiquae, Augmentation office, relating to wood called Le Wygle in Leigh, 1412
p. 364 b Extracts from Plea Roll, Exchequer of Pleas, Mich. Term 1592, relating to Thomas Dayne of Aythorpe [? Roding] v. Thomas Newman, vicar of Canewdon
p. 365 Transcript of composition papers, 1649, relating to delinquency of Jas, Earl of Northampton, whose estate incl. Rectory of Eastwood; from P.R.O. Royalist Composition papers
p. 366 Conveyance of lands in Suffolk by Richard Smart of Eastwood, enrolled in Court of Common Pleas
p. 366 a Note of Deed
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