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Calendar of Essex Assize File [ASS 35/17/2] Assizes held at Chelmsford 3 March 1575
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Calendar of prisoners:-
anthony Harrould, John Webbe, Christopher Carock, John Bell, Thomas Adams, William Smythe, Thomas Browne, John Yonge, Richard Bryckett. Guilty; to be hanged.

Rob. Rawlynson, John Pamplyn, Edward Harwode,o Robert Mershall, John Mathew, John Hurrel, Henry chambers, Thomas Martyn, Thomas Bone. Guilty; delivered to the Ordinary for safe keeping until (illegible).

Rob.Fyssher otherwise Longe, rich. Lasshe, Hugh parker. Acknowledge their felonies now and delivered to the Ordinary for safe keeping for ever.

John chambers guilty, Joan Jackson guilty (Mercii XV to), Parnell Glascok. ;Guilty (mercii at the last) all remanded for pregnancy; not yet tried.

Alice Hynckeson. Guilty at the last[Assize] of withcraft and commited to prison for a year; remanded.

Emma Baker, Margaret Mason, John Less, Thomas Rodyarte, Thomas Grene, Ferfinand Broke, John Baker, Thomas Jackson and John Reade. All acquitted.

John Robston (sic), Thomas Gryffyn, Thomas Dshyell, John Russel, Anne Margett, Joan Nicholson, Tho.Mychell. Indicted and punished (execut)for vagabondage according to the form of the Statute.

Benjamin Potter, William Pyerson. Indicted for vagabondage and delivered into service according to the form of the Statute by recognizances.

Henry Puplett guilty now of barratry, John Rede acquitted, John Egle Prison, William Pasfeld prison, William Joye prisono, William Streight, William Mottem Thomas --ull, (illegible), John Barker, John Foote, Edward Mone, Edward Norrys, Thomas (illegible), Thomas pasfeld, Laurence Clarke, William Hal ---. Admitted to obail to apear at the next Assize. [pro pace after last six names.]

Hugh Wylkyson, Edward Gatewodde, Edward Gybson, John Wakes, Henry Tyboulte, Ralph Johnson, Thomas Pounde, Elizabeth Councell, Margaret Clover, JohnHamonod, Agnes Hampshyre, to appear in baill, Thomas Berde, Richard Standenott, Edward Larke, Thomas Lodge, wm. Metham Pro pace, Edward Sampforte, Thomas Bucknall, William Peter, Richard Knokull, Jonas Knokyll, Samuel pemberton, Robert Gybson, [Reynold Baldwyn, William Bacon, Robert John Wylcocke, John Cawche pro pace, William Maylye pro pace, John Turnor pro pace, Cecily Fuller pro pace, Richard Naylor ppro pace, Mathew Wallys, Laurence Neve, Thomas Harrys, Margaret Neve, Thomas Owtlawe, Richard Wyllyamson, Matthew Abraham aham, Giles pawle, John Wade, Nicholas Lyng otherwise proctor pro pace, Rich, Lyng otherwise Proctor pro pace, John Robson, Margaret Cowper, Agnes Cunney, Margery couoney, Robert G---at, Richard Harrys, Roger Serle pro pace William Brown pro pace, John kyng pro pace, Edward Hagge pro pace, John Feltwell Pro pace, Richard Stele, William Cranford, John Bayle, Alice Baylye, Robert Maunsell, William Clerke fine, recognizance all ldelivered by proclamation.[ASS 35/17/2/4]