Level: Category
Estate and Family records
Level: Fonds
Scope and Content:
The Bramston-Luard papers fall into 4 general groups:-
(i) Trant, Bramston, Luard papers, 1800- c.1863: includes valuable journals of Thomas G. Bramston, J.P., M.P. for Essex, 1805, 1806; set of journals kept by Clarissa S. Bramston nee Trant, 1810-1844 D/DLu 1-42
(ii) Luard family papers, c.1876-1959: includes children's books 1883, 1885; large collection of correspondence
D/DLu 43-79
(iii) Miscellanea includes photographs, sketchbooks (rarely dated or signed), large collection of picture postcards, ephemera D/DLu 80-99
(iv) Genealogical materials includes pedigrees, newspaper cuttings, research notes D/DLu 100-101
The arrangement adopted in this catalogue is, as far as possible, chronological within these 4 general groups. Where possible documents have been kept in original bundles, and this is indicated in the catalogue.

See also:
Autobiography of Sir John Bramston of Skreens [1611-1700] (London: Camden Soc., 1845) in E.R.O. Library,
Journal of Clarissa Trant , ed. by C.G. Luard (London: Bodley Head, 1925) in E.R.O. Library, this covers the period 1800-1832, prior to marriage of Clarissa Trant
T/B 211 Microfilm of Bramston MSS c. 1615-c.1905

\b Biographical notes
John Bramston [son of Thomas Gardiner Bramston] b. 1802, married (i) Clarissa Sandford Trant, 1832; (ii) Anna Osgood Hanbury post 1844, and Anna R. Bramston daughter by this marriage. Vicar of Great Baddow 1831-1840; vicar of Witham 1840-1872; Dean of Winchester 1872-1889; died 1889.
Bixby Garnham Luard [son of William Luard Wright] married Clara Isabella Sandford Bramston, 1860.
Vicar of Hatfield Peverel, 1860-1868; curate of Danbury 1868-1871; vicar of Aveley 1871-1895; rector of Birch 1895-1919 [ Crockford's Clerical Directory ]. In failing from 1904; died 1919. Children as follows:
Frederick Bixby Luard, b. 1861
Hugh Bixby Luard, b. 1862. M.D.; married Flora McVean 1905; children Jock and Mollie Luard
Alexander Trant Luard, b. 1863. Midshipman, HMS Temeraire ; died in accident on board ship 1880
Frank William Luard, b. 1865. Colonel, Portsmouth Battalion, R.N.L.I., during First World War. Married Ellie Perkins, 1896; children Betty and Joan. Mentioned in dispatches; killed in action 1915.
Clara Georgina Luard, b. 1866. Distinguished academic career as teacher and principal of Queen's College, Harley St. and Whitelands College, Chelsea. Published Journal of Clarissa Trant died 1952. Printed edition of extracts from diaries and journals of Clarissa Trant (D/DLu 14-15), copy in E.R.O. Library
Amy C. Luard b. 1867, lived for only a few months
Annette Jane Luard, b. 1868
Edwin Percy Luard, b. 1869. Ordained 1898; curate of Portsea [co. Hants] 1897-1904, Birch 1904-1919; rector of Birch and Layer Breton 1919-1937; canon of Chelmsford Cathedral from 1936 [ Crockford's Clerical Directory ] close friend of Norman Lang, Bishop of Leicester
Helen Lucy Luard, b. 1871. Married Douglas Round (died 1916) 1898
Katherine Evelyn Luard, b. 1872. Nursing sister during Boer War and First World War. Awarded R.R.C. and bar, 1918; Author of Diary of a Nursing sister at the Western Front 1914, 1915, and Unknown Warriors 1929
Trant Bramston Luard, b. 1873. Served in Ceylon, Egypt, China during First World War. Married Helen Cockburn 1920
Rose Mary Luard, b. 1876. Founded Girl's school at Sarum House, Cambridge, 1918. died 1973. For obituary of Rose Luard, 1973 see Library Folder: Biography
Margaret Annie Luard, b. 1880